Monday, June 20, 2011


Apparently, I am out of focus.  Maybe better said, I have no POSITIVE thinking left.  Everyone says to focus on "something else" or pour your energy into completing another thing.  I seem to have lost that ability.  So many things of a negative nature have taken place and my head is spinning. 

My main focus continues to be on the negative forces behind "Jezebel" and her lack of consideration for someone else.  My downfall is that I cannot let it go.  I try and try but continue to burn with anger and have no outlet.  Pen and paper, laptop, keyboard... whatever ... are not resulting in positive or creative solutions.  I find myself disappointed in another - younger - person and nothing I can do will solve the issue.  I will cross a line that does not need to be crossed.  My faith is running thin ... my temperature is running high. 

I search for the words.  I search for the answers.  I search for creation of something more positive than my ridiculous rantings.  My lack of control in this particular situation leaves me angry. My focus at work is lacking. 

BLAH!! Just plain BLAH!