Monday, October 24, 2011

Fortune (Poetry Prompt from Sept 14)

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 149 (Sept. 14)

We were instructed to write a fortune cookie poem!


Walking with silent steps
   you go unnoticed. 

Poetry Prompt #148 (Sept 7, 2011)

We were instructed to write a remix poem.  I chose one of my own ... and am not sure how well I like it.  But, here it is!


I Don't Need You

You call to me
I hear you, but choose to step away

You now look back at me
But I can see through you

Your eyes are still empty
Completely void

You offer no acceptable human emotion

Your arm extends
You offer your hand

I have awoken
No longer frightened of my dreams

What you offer is nothing I need

I sleep easy
as your demon now haunts you

I woke up
and reconfigured life

Yes, I left you.
That was real

And you realize how empty you are without me.


*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Remixed from:

Empty Fool

I call your name
An echo answers

I look into your eyes
You don’t look back

You stare through me
Do you even see me?

Your vision is empty

I reach out
Your figure fades

Was I dreaming?
Were you ever there?

Your structure is empty.

A nightmare; is that what I am living?
Was your presence only a shadow filled with demon eyes?

Wake me up! 
Wake me up from this nightmare!

No, I am not dreaming.
This was real.

Your soul is simply empty. 


Out of this World!!! Another poem.

Latest - and late - poetry prompt. 

#147: Out of this world poem

Space Bound

I am on a rocket ship made of clay
Molded by illusions
Space bound I journey
Colors fill my eyes
My mind wanders
My heart ponders
Starlit sky
Scraping at my swollen heart
Filled with ice cold emotion
And iridescently lit dreams
Rocket me around the moon
Reach into the darkest depths of my mind.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Always late!

I think I am only behind about 10 Poetry Prompts (only!). 

Today I am working on Prompt #146: an "Everything is against you" Poem.


My pen won't write good words
The paper won't stay in place
I've tried
and I've tried
But I cannot write this poem!


My Letter to the Editor

I submitted a letter to the editor and it was in the Sunday, October 9, 2011 edition of the Minot Daily News. Please follow the link to take a look.

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