Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Life is a gift. Never forget to enjoy and bask in every moment you are in." - unknown

A loss was recently brought to my attention, and though I did not know this person very well on a personal level, I did interact at work and would say "hi" in passing out in the public.  Her presence was bright.  She was always smiling and it was nice to see her.  She is now gone. 

It seems as if her life was taken while she was doing something she enjoyed and outdoors. What I cannot clear from my mind is that so far, the news states she was alone.  And, I cannot put aside my selfish worry and tears.  Was she in pain?  How long was she alone?  Why was she alone?  Did she want to be alone? 

I continue in my head hoping it was something "natural" and, dare I say, "peaceful"?  Peaceful seems such an awful word right now, because if my heart is in this much distress, I cannot imagine how those closest to her are feeling and how they are coping.

My faith - though not as deep as some - is trying to reassure me she's ok.  She was ok.  She's no longer in pain, should she have been in any.  I keep praying she wasn't.  I keep praying that God will comfort our fears. 

Loss is a part of life.  It's the hardest part to get over.  And, I don't think anyone really gets over it.  I don't think you're suppose to. 

I have dealt with loss.  But, I will NEVER say to someone "I know what you're going through."  I know they are going through a loss, but each of us handle it in our own way.  We are affected in our own way.  Yes, I have lost loved ones.  I, however, have not lost your loved one/s.  I will say I pray for you and I will contain you and yours in my thoughts and that I know loss is tough and that I am near if anything is needed.  What can I give to someone who lost their mother? Their child? Their sister? Their spouse?  Their friend?  Nothing I do or say will bring them back, but I will do my best to pray for comfort and for guidance and understanding. 

Life is meant to be lived, but one day it stops.  No one could ever be ready for that day.