Sunday, March 29, 2015

You either do or you don't

There are many things never brought to the table and many things that are left unsaid.  At times you begin to believe it’s the result of someone else… you begin to blame other people for the things you will not say or do.  Eventually the darkness that evolved is going to begin winding its way into the souls of those around you who have listened and encouraged a resolve. 
The unsettling result is that it now has become a problem to them – the entire situation was not a part of their life until the advice and encouragement to step up and handle your situation was ignored.  They begin to feel their time was wasted and they choose to push your darkness away.  They begin searching for an outlet.  They start a fire you have to tend to.  They never walk away, they simply push you to find resolve and if you forget to be you and continue to blame others that fire will burn unattended and gradually leave you without.  You can choose to put out that fire and take care of the situation, but no longer will others carry your burden. 
Sometimes the only way to motivate someone to stand up, to speak out, or even to walk away, is to overstep an invisible line; an unspoken line.  One you never wanted them to cross but never told them they couldn’t.  Your noxious situation can no longer be pressed upon others without consequence.