Friday, December 21, 2012

The Storm Inside

The Storm Inside
Your distance echoes like thunder above me

Your silence speaks louder than the lightning

As it struck my heart

     Where you touched it

          Giving light

               Where darkness lies

But as flashes they fade

The further you go the more you hide

Remind yourself

     The care you say you don’t hold

          Slips through

               As your distance grows.


~HLM 12/21/2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It is what it is

The unsettling massive confusion is not entirely undesireable


Forgive me, for I do not know
Nor do I understand
I am grasping at what feels better than what was
for I know what will not be...
but how to convince the entities of my certainty?
Clouds may hang over and secrets may chase
but I have nothing to hide
merely things I want to do
Wish to do
Need to do
The ropes were cut long ago allowing me freedom to explore the distances I could not see
and now that I have them within site
I wish to freely experience
and live
I want no hindrances
Simply to be
and to be what I am
with you
without you.


Just Stuff

The words I want to say to you echo daily
and mingle with those I do not know how to say
Even if I were to sit in silence
I know you would hear me
You choose to discount my words
and as much as you try
you are drawn to the nature that is me
you are drawn to who I am
though you deny yourself
you are drawn to how I make you feel
and you are angry because of it
let me calm your anger
walk towards the edge
let the wind caress your face.

~HLM 11/27/12

November PAD Challenge: Day 9

When he's gone

When he's gone
my heart will calm

I don't want it to.

When he's gone
my tears will run

I miss you!

When he's gone
my smile carries pain

It's your smile I long for.

When he's gone
my hands are empty

I want them intertwined with yours!

When he's gone
I'm alone.

~HLM 11/27/2012

November PAD Challenge: Day 8 - BLANK!

Completely out of sorts... nothing for this prompt yet, so we'll simply call it a work in progress.  I am hoping to come back to this and complete it one day!


November PAD Challenge: Day 7


Walking in circles digs only a deeper trench
it is time to step beyond this platform
to tear down the walls
to become unified!
A circle
enclosed, around
almost like your arms
as they embrace me.
My smile
a half-circle
once mixed with your lips
becomes whole.
A circle of truth
no more half-truths!
Join me!
Enter my circle!
Let's take a step together
and make our own.
Let's write the words
we hope to repeat
and say them together!
Do not let your doubt
your worry
your fear
close in on you!
My mind swims in circles
waiting for

~ HLM 11/27/2012