Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Afternoon Mumbled Words

Are they wasted whispers?
 Careless, perhaps?

Spoken because the resounding echo inside screams
and all once relevant inside has been challenged.
You did this to me!
Do you realize?
Do you revel in the fact that you did so?
No matter...
When my heart leapt from my chest
so too did yours.
I heard your words
I felt your skin
I tasted your lips
As days continue on
Each linger
and I long for more
Hell no!
Let's move forward
and figure things out along the way
The intentions were never to cause chaos
but it happened
like waves crashing
I was overcome by you.
Do not deny me another chance...
my body aches and begs.
The world would not have led me to your arms
if I weren't meant to taste you.
Every part of my being swells eagerly
to walk through your eyes once again

    to taste your soul.

8/3/12 - HLM


My longing is near obsessive
though not intended to be.

My heart pounds when memories float through.

What I wouldn't give to be there again.
With you.
    your arms
        your heat
            your touch
        your taste
    your flesh
your being.

Allow me to feel you again.
Allow my body to be graced by your offerings.

8/3/12 - HLM