Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slowly Returning Back to Normal

Slowly, life is turning back to normal.  The flood devastation continues to linger in town, but with the grace of God's hand our house remained dry and we have since moved our belongings back downstairs.  I am once again sleeping in my own bed and not on the floor in the living room!  Jack (our fearless chocolate lab) had no complaints with this however, as he was able to snuggle up with me on the floor. 

A recent trip to South Dakota allowed us to welcome Sammy and Bubba (our precious felines) back into our arms.  Though Bubba made a friend with my bff's cat, Taco, he seems to be enjoying his time back at home.  Sammy has most certainly been awaiting this day for some time and seems very content perched on the back of the couch or curled up next to me in bed.  She no longer looks at Bubba with that "death glare" she was doing while gone. 

In less than 1 month the girls come home.  School will start and they will again see their friends and hopefully remember their manners (something they tend to lose when away from home).  I suppose they won't have as much "fun" being there are rules and all, but at least no one will have to babysit their entire summer vacation away.  Stepping off my soap box for now...

I feel the slow pull of normalcy and welcome it with open arms.  My book continues to be put on hold due to disaster, life and anything else you want to throw in the mix.  I have managed to actually read some good books so I am not at a total loss.

With luck I will have the family room downstairs organized, including the bike and treadmill being set back up after their move due to the flood scare.  My to-do list tonight is incredible, so if I can stay on task all will remain well and my house will be clean from top to bottom and soon - very soon - I will have the chance to get this book out there for all to enjoy!