Friday, December 13, 2013

1AM Headache

There are so many things I miss.
so many people, too
Some gone from this earth in physical form.  
Others... I thought were my friends.  For small moments in life they were.
I have memories.  Some better than others.  

Tonight my eyes are red and my cheeks stained with tears.  
Just another night in my life.  
Just another part of the fight. 
Words of advice have been read. 
Words of encouragement received. 

Things could be worse
my heart begs to differ
my soul feels weak
my faith even less 
but I'm not done.

will heal
I'll feel one day

I'm broken
I'm lost 
but not without 

I'm sure jealous rage will consume
and my angry heart will speak
words of dark from my battered soul
but truth is truth
whether yelled or spoken

One day I'll heal
Faith restored
in people
in life
in love.