Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fresh air and gun powder!

Ventured out today with my dad and shot a few rounds at the range!  It was great!  Getting more comfortable with my .357 and maybe one day I'll actually hit the target!!  Well, I hit the target for sure once, but not quite sure if I hit anything else other than dirt.  The 9mm I shot of dad's was amazing... and reminds me why I wanted one of the first place.  The action on that thing was great!

Today was my dad's birthday so it was nice to be able to spend time doing something I know he enjoys!  I haven't been out shooting with him for years... and I can't wait to do it again.  Just need to get the income flowing so I can help put something toward the ammo fund.  It also fired me up to get my bow out and sharpen my skills a bit more.  

I can't wait to get outdoors and do more!  Walking, shooting... photography!  You name it and I want to do it!  It's damn time! Maybe the fresh air - or that German Chocolate Cake for Dad's birthday - is getting to me! 

Emotionally, I am having a rough time... just frustrated and lonely I suppose.  Not having met many people here in town - well, not having ventured out to have a chance to meet anyone - is making it a little tough.  Maybe, it's better this way for now.  I am suppose to be regrounding myself and tossing too many people in the mix with the chance to interfere in my progress - if I have made any - would be counter-productive I suppose.  

Nothing too deep this evening.  

That is all.