Monday, September 30, 2013

Busy Weekend - Tired Eyes

Wow!  What a busy and fun weekend!  Make-up and hair session for my client (ok - my oldest step-daughter ;) Sunday morning, by the fabulous Jutone, followed by our final portrait session and immediately following was a family shoot at our local Berry Acres .  I had a great time and captured some amazing shots, including this one of the amazing Hoverson family:

Saturday was not as fun, but it was just as busy.  Soccer with the youngest, some shopping and cleaning.  I managed to get a few moments of "study time" for photography and looked over my books for some ideas and tips for yesterday's sessions.  I am learning more each session and loving it.  This week will be filled with the usual family chaos and photo edits.  I promised the Hoverson family their pictures would be ready for review by Friday and I have until 31 Oct to submit Lo's senior portrait/s to her school for the yearbook.  There are so many good ones so I hope we can decide!  Here are 2 from yesterday (I took them with my cell phone off the screen of my camera!! I loved them and had to share right away.  I cannot wait until I get edits and touch-ups done):

Everything else has been background noise - some soothing and some not!  I was able to spend some quality girl time with 2 of my favorite ladies on Friday night over a bottle of wine and laughter.  That was much needed!  I still have plans for my future but am working out all the details and getting things lined up.  It's been a long time coming and will hopefully bring clarity to a lot of things.
Off to work I go!  (the one I have to leave home for!)