Monday, September 16, 2013

Any Man

Any man who laughs at your depression and rolls his eyes at your suffering, and refuses to understand it, doesn't deserve you.

Any man who can't hold you on the anniversary of your brother's death - and probably the toughest one yet - as tears stream down your face and you can't breathe because it hurts to, has no right to be discouraged when you won't reciprocate attempts to touch.

Any man who refuses to better his situation allowing his family to fall apart and his home to be ripped away does not deserve anyone in his life.

The aforementioned stands on the edge of losing it all and still believes everything is ok and that the world is oblivious to his shortcomings. It's no longer a matter of support and never was, nor will be a matter of ridiculing, it's a matter of bettering one's own situation and using the resources they have - even though slim they are! - to move forward.

The process is painstakingly slow and the constant battle to take one step at a time is overwhelming. Move forward. Keep moving on.