Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Poetry Prompt Wednesday

Here I go... giving this a try!  This is my first Poetry Prompt attempt.  Today's prompt is to write a "turn around poem"

Dear Brother

I cannot see your face
and your voice is barely a whisper
what I remember is good
your spirit rises high
     But, I cannot see your face!
     I cannot hear your voice!
You left 
I still cry
Yet, I feel guilty that I do not cry more often
You can now only visit me in my dreams
You are an angel blessed with your wings
     But, I cannot see your face!
     I cannot hear your voice!
Memories and pictures are all I have
and letters from days passed
Dear brother,
     Visit me in my dreams. 
I miss you.
I wish once more to see your face
once more to hear your voice
turn around so I can tell you good-bye.