Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still playing catch-up ...

My creative juices aren't flowing as well as I want them today (this morning actually...) I skipped to PAD 9  ... just couldn't get the words to work for anything else. I blame it on the late hour and the fact that I am cranky.

2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 9
Posted by Robert

For today's prompt, write a time of day poem.  In fact, make the title of your poem the time of day.  For instance, "5:54 a.m.," 2:23 p.m.," "Midnight," etc.  Then, write your poem.  Of course, different things happen at different times of day.  So have fun with it.

12:15 A.M.

The ever present snoring continues

My frustration builds

What can I do about it?

Go upstairs?

Maybe take a pill?

Neither appease my appetite

They never do

They never will

It’s at this hour when I contemplate everything

What brought me here and do I wish to stay?

Of late … that’s the pressing question:

Do I wish to stay?

I don’t know.

I often wonder if I’d be happier alone

Without the imperfections of others to call my attention

Without their messes to clean up

Without their lack of respect

It’s at this hour when I realize I should be sleeping

Without anger.