Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another Poetry Prompt Wednesday

"For this week's prompt, write an empty poem. The poem should somehow play off the idea of empty--maybe empty rooms, empty containers, empty threats, etc. Or maybe you could empty the poem of vowels or prepositions. Your call."

(Poetry Prompt from July 20, 2011)

Empty Fool

I call your name
An echo answers

I look into your eyes
You don’t look back

You stare through me
Do you even see me?

Your vision is empty

I reach out
Your figure fades

Was I dreaming?
Were you ever there?

Your structure is empty.

A nightmare; is that what I am living?
Was your presence only a shadow filled with demon eyes?

Wake me up! 
Wake me up from this nightmare!

No, I am not dreaming.
This was real.

Your soul is simply empty.