Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aug. 3 Poetry Prompt

For this week’s prompt, write a normal poem. I know some of you may be thinking that every poem is normal or that there’s no such thing as a normal poem. However, what I’m thinking about is a situation that may seem normal (even if only to the narrator of the poem or a character in the poem) or the longing to return to the normal way of doing something. There are a lot of interesting ways to attack something normal. I’m looking forward to what everyone creates

Welcome Home Girls

Anticpiation for the return grew greater
as the distance lessened

Is that a train I see?
Is that the train to bring them home?

My heartbeat picked up pace
The car did too

Are you as anxious as I am?
Will they be happy to see us?

The wind picked up
as if to carry us to our destination

We have arrived!
Is that the train I hear?

There they are
Life is now back to normal!