Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Poetry Prompt Wednesday - SURE! Why not?!


You have a face
you have a name
but no!
I will not call you out!
You can dance around your own idiocrasy
Like a child
you saunter towards authority
looking for approval
to blame others
before you're caught demising
Your creations are like demon minions
placed in strategic corners of the minds of the weak
but, dear,
you simply misunderstand my placid nature
I sit
I observe
I note
and I reflect upon your actions
and like a cloud of dust
leave behind traces of your ways
and others begin to see
And soon you are lost
caged only by your lies
your confession is not needed
your actions are proof
You sinister being!
You bitch!

~HLM 6/19/2013 (c)

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 224

For today’s prompt, write a sinister poem. The narrator could be sinister, or something sinister could be happening to someone (or something) else.