Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Minor scolding of self...

There are things I want to learn.  There are things I have been sitting around for years waiting to have someone else teach me.  I have been too afraid of doing it alone and/or not doing it right.  Hmmm... you can only figure it out IF YOU TRY.  I am so overwhelmed with what others are going to think that I talk myself out of doing it... anything.  

To become self-sufficient I guess I need to learn these things.  It's not a bucket-list, but a common sense knowledge I should already know.  Get on it! Do this thing!  or... these things - haha!

It reminds me of learning to play the piano.  I took lessons for a while then decided I didn't like taking lessons so I quit but I did not quit playing piano.  I bought sheet music and learned each song.  I am far from the greatest, but I kept up with it and still love playing.  I need a full keyboard to be completely happy, but for now my keyboard is suffice enough.

I know bits and pieces of other things, be it my bow, my guns, fishing, running, writing - you name it!  In order to gain the knowledge I seek, I can no longer rely on waiting for someone else to show me.  I can't get frustrated that someone else didn't show me if I haven't taken it upon myself to learn.  I have to stop sitting and waiting!!!  I am beginning to see this advice carries over into more than just hobbies... SO TAKE IT!!! Take the advice! Take the advice others give! Take the advice you know!!!